Hello geeks, I hope you are doing good. Today, we are going to understand a very confusing yet simple concept in JavaScript i.e. Closure. Most of the developers coming from different programming languages find the concept of closure very weird. But believe me, it’s not that weird. I can explain closure in a line… but I’ll not do that 😅. We will get a deep understanding of closure in this blog. So, take a cup of coffee (No offence to chai lover) and come with me.


Are there any prerequisites to master in closure? Well, the answer is no. …

Hello geeks, today we are going to understand a very untouched, but important topic in JavaScript i.e. Event Loop. Believe me, after reading this blog completely, you will get a full understanding of the Event Loop and its working.


Well, to understand “Event Loop”, you just need to have a basic understanding of the JavaScript language.

Boiler Plate:

  1. Single-threaded synchronous language
  2. Blocking and Non-blocking statements
  3. Browser’s Web API’s

Let’s dive into these.

  1. Single-threaded synchronous language

As you all might know JavaScript is a single-threaded synchronous language. Well, what does that mean?
Single-threaded: It means JavaScript has only one Call Stack and one memory…

Vinayak Soni

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